Which slingshots are forbidden?

The slingshot: history, use and legal aspects in Germany

Learn everything about the slingshot , its historical use, modern use and legal aspects in Germany. You will learn which slingshots are prohibited and which can be legally purchased and used.


In this day and age where technology is always advancing, it may seem strange that some ancient weapons and tools are still used in our modern society. One such weapon, considered dangerous and prohibited in some countries, is the slingshot. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the slingshot that is in Germany and why. Now let's take a look at the different aspects of this fascinating topic.

1. What is a slingshot?

Before we delve into the don'ts, it's important to understand what a slingshot actually is. A slingshot, also known as a slingshot or slingshot , is an ancient throwing tool used to launch objects such as rocks, clay balls , or even arrows at great speed. The basic construction consists of a Y-shaped handle and an elastic cord or rubber band that holds the projectiles in place.

2. Historical use of slingshots

Slingshots have been widely used in various cultures throughout human history. In ancient times they were used as weapons in war and helped hunters to find food. The ability to fire projectiles with great accuracy and speed made them a dangerous weapon.

3. Modern use of slingshots

Although slingshots are no longer used in modern warfare, there are still some enthusiasts who use them for sport or as a hobby. In some countries there are even professional slingshot competitions. Still, certain rules and regulations must be followed to ensure safety.

4. Which slingshots are forbidden?

So-called “precision slingshots” are forbidden in Germany. This type of slingshot has an armrest mounted to provide more stability when shooting. The type of slingshots are noted in the German Weapons Act, possession and use are completely prohibited. It is already sufficient if only the possibility of mounting the armrest on the slingshot is feasible. Then the slingshot also falls under the term "precision slingshot".

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5. Legal Aspects

All legal information can be found in the German Weapons Act.


Section 6, Appendix 1, Subsection 2, Portable Items 1, 1.3 & 1.3.7

6. Are HITX slingshots legal?

Yes! All HITX slingshots are 100% legal to buy, 100% legal to carry and 100% legal to use. There is no armrest mounted or mountable on the slingshots. Accordingly, the slingshots are NOT covered by the German Weapons Act.


Slingshots may be a fascinating and historically significant weapon, but there are too many risks and dangers associated with their use in today's society. For this reason they are banned in Germany and many other countries. It is important that we use such weapons responsibly and that the safety of society always comes first.

Frequently asked questions and answers

1. Are slingshots banned in all countries?

No, the laws vary from country to country. In some countries they are allowed, in others with reservations and in other countries not at all.

2. Can slingshots be used in sports?

Yes, some countries have legal slingshot competitions that use slingshots as sports equipment.

3. What are the penalties for violations of the ban?

Penalties can vary by country or region, but they can include fines or even imprisonment.