HITX Super Grip slingshot in a bundle set


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All-In-One Bundle Set

Absolute super grip

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 100 shot guarantee

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1x HITX Super Grip slingshot

2x tied rubber bands

300x clay balls 8-9mm

1x Allen key

1x free eBook including video tutorials

1x German speaking
Instructions for use

The slingshot is particularly suitable for people who have no prior experience with slingshots. The rubber band assembly is simple and uncomplicated. You can find more information about this here .

The slingshot is ideal for people with a glove size of 6 to 10 . You can find more information about this and how to determine your glove size here .

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Even at a young age, my enthusiasm for slingshots was huge! Day in and day out I spent outdoors making slingshots out of branch forks and canning gums. Today I'm trying to convey my huge enthusiasm for Zwillen to the world. But I don't try to do that with self-made branch forks and canning gums, but with professional slingshots and suitable accessories. With us you will find everything your twin heart desires.
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The super grip

With the Super Grip slingshot, the name says it all. It lies perfectly in the hand due to the optimized ergonomics of the handle and the finger recesses of the fork. There are grip surfaces on the side of the handle, which provide even more stability and grip when shooting. The thumb and forefinger lie optimally and relaxed in the finger recesses and guarantee maximum comfort.

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Strong and durable resin

A special resin was used to manufacture the slingshot, which impresses with its excellent robustness and durability. The surface of the material is a real pleasure to hold and exudes maximum well-being. If a shot hits the fork during training, the material can absorb this fork hit very well.

Suitable for right and left handers

The design of the slingshot is designed to be suitable for both left and right handed users. The shape of the handle is ideal for people with slightly smaller or medium-sized hands. It nestles up nicely in the hand and thus ensures maximum comfort when twining.

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Playfully easy clip connection

The Super Grip Slingshot has a very simple rubber band connection. In order to make the slingshot ready for use, it is only necessary to unscrew the screw of the clip, insert the rubber band into the clip and then screw this clip back on. The matching Allen key is of course included! A strap change is possible within 30 seconds, lightning fast.

Unbeatable all-in-one set

Each of our slingshots comes in a handy bundle set so you can start slinging right away. This set includes two pre-tied rubber bands and 300x clay balls (8-9 mm diameter). A German instruction manual including video tutorials is of course also included in the bundle set.

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Whether you're a pro or on the way to becoming one, this eBook is sure to help! Many useful tips and tricks are simply explained to you on almost 30 pages. Of course, you will also be shown how to attach the rubber band to your HITX slingshot without any stress or errors. Please take a look.


As you probably know, slingshot rubber bands are consumables. Over time, the rubber bands wear out and can tear, this is a completely normal process for any rubber band. We guarantee that you will fire at least 100 shots with our rubber bands before the rubber band gives up the ghost. However, should the case occur that the rubber band breaks before the 100 shots, we will immediately send you two new tied rubber bands. Guaranteed! Simply contact us for this. You can find the guarantee conditions here .

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