HITX slingshot rubber 10 pieces


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That is a very individual question. The service life of the rubber band depends on many factors, such as the ammunition, draw length, cutting of the bands, temperature, storage location, etc. In general, however, it can be said that the HITX rubber bands should withstand over 100 shots.

OTT is an abbreviation and stands for " O ver T he T op". Translated it means "above". With this connection, the rubber band is pulled over the fork and the projectile is "shot over the fork".

The abbreviation TTF stands for " Through The Fork ". Translated it means "through the fork". With this connection, the rubber band is pulled past the fork and the projectile flies through the fork.

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Even at a young age, my enthusiasm for slingshots was huge! Day in and day out I spent outdoors making slingshots out of branch forks and canning gums. Today I'm trying to convey my huge enthusiasm for Zwillen to the world. But I don't try to do that with self-made branch forks and canning gums, but with professional slingshots and suitable accessories. With us you will find everything your twin heart desires.
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conical cutting (tapering)

The rubber bands have a special cut that increases the speed of the balls, makes the draw smoother and increases safety in the event of a rubber band breaking. The width of the rubber band at the connection is 20 mm, the width at the pouch is 12 mm.

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Two band variations

Always the right setup for the slingshot, because our rubber bands are tied in OTT and TTF. The OTT tied bands are used if you prefer to pull the elastic over the sling, see here on the left. You use the TTF bound bands if you prefer to pull the rubber band around the fork, see here on the right side.